Changing the way we approach joint pain

Proven solutions enabling patients to treat their own joint pain.

Our service

Regardless of age, activity and personal goals, everyone has a level to which they want their body to perform. We are here to partner with each patient to achieve those goals.

Our aim is to provide an expert and multidisciplinary approach to managing joint pain that works alongside a variety of existing healthcare services. We will support every patient on their own journey with education and rehabilitation services from a team of professionals.

Holistic Approach

Incorporating the best from Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Exercise specialists and nutritionists we acknowledge that successful rehabilitation has many factors that need addressing and every person is unique.


Developed by respected individuals, you can trust that our program caters for the differences in all our clients.

A Forward Path

Glance backwards, focus forwards, that’s how we operate at Joint Approach. We’ll co-create a positive path forwards to getting back to activities

Supporting you

Online programmes can so often lack the personal touch and support needed when you’re in pain. We’ve got that covered so you’ll never feel alone.

Who are we

Every person deserves an expert approach to managing their joint pain.  

Meet your elite team!

Claire Minshull
Rehab & Conditioning


Claire has to be one of the most respected rehab specialists in the whole of the UK. She is passionate about treating people with joint pain and improving their lives. With over 20 years in academia, and numerous research publications it’s understandable that Claire is sought after to speak at events nationally and internationally. You can be sure that with Claire on your team, your exercise programmes will be clear, manageable and backed by the latest science.

Mike Brownlow


Mike has an impressive CV with years of success treating patients in pain. His clients range from those visiting him in hospital environments through to supporting British athletes all the way through to the Olympic Games. Mike’s passion is ensuring that patients receive a team approach to managing their condition and has sought after experience in designing and shaping therapy services and elite rehabilitation teams.<br>With research publications and international presentations alongside his clinical skills, having Mike on your team ensures you’ll be getting the very best treatment approach.

Serena Simmons

CPsychol, MSc, BSc, Ba

Athletes & successful business executives often have a coach to help them improve, spot the things they can do better and importantly support them to achieve their goals. Serena has worked with the very best across the UK and abroad & brings the exact same approach to those struggling with injury & in pain. Senior academic, practitioner, all round lovely person, Serena is here to help you achieve the best version of your self.

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Prehabilitation with
 joint replacement patients

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